GoodSteward Companies include: GoodSteward Plastic Recycle, GoodSteward Used Equipments, GoodSteward LED and GoodSteward Cotton.

GoodSteward is based in Dallas, TX and funded by Chinese investors. This international operation has been included in Sino-US annual trading plan since 2010.

GoodSteward Plastic is the largest plastic recycler across Mid-West American. As the top exporter of pre-industrial and post-industrial plastics in Mid-West American, we trade an average of 300 containers of post/pre industral plastics o Asia per month. We accept all plastic grades from recycling warehouses as well as manufacturers, including, but not limited to: PET, HDPE, PVC, LDPE, PP, PS, PC, ABS, Acrylic, and Nylon. Whether you are facing overstock problem, off-spec items, expired/obsolete products, or trim waste plastics/paper, we have 120,000 square feet of warehousing capacity to meet your recycling needs. We offer competitive pricing and baling/shredding service as needed.

GoodSteward Used Equipment have experienced professionals in the US. We know how critical your needs are and we react quickly when contacted. Our knowledge of process equipment means we can quickly find what you need and make all the necessary arrangements to get it to you. We deliver the leading edge in customer satisfaction. Our goal is to bring our customers the latest in construction equipment and technology, while providing the best service and support in the business. 

GoodSteward LED is the only authorized wholesaler and distributor in the United States for GoodSteward brand LED lights and advertising screens.We offer high quality products and competitive price. A 3 year free exchange warranty is offered for most of our products.

GoodSteward Cotton is a registered cotton broker in the state of Texas. Our service area covered